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Have Your Website Analysed and then learn the art of Internet Marketing.

Ideal for those who have little Internet Marketing skills.

Increase your visitors.  



Internet Marketing plus Websites Analysis only $368

Analysis of where you stand regards to Search engine rankings.
Title analysis for your chosen keywords.
Keyword Meta Tag analysis for improving your chances of being found.
Description  Meta Tag analysis for your chosen Keywords
Link analysis and how they are used on your website.
Analysis of your use of text on your Website Home Page and other pages.
Analysis on the effects and use of your Graphic / Photos.
Analysis of the Theme of each page on your website.
Report on Links to your Website.
How fresh is your Website.
Robot Files analysis.

Submit your Website to Free Search engines Where not found.
Help Register your Website with Search Engines requiring registration. e.g. Yahoo
Analysis covers the top ten Search engines to give a good average to improve your Website performance.
Smaller Robot driven search engines may also be improved by carrying out the above recommendation.

How you use your Website:
Domain Promotion and Advertising.
Emails Signatures
Using Search engines to place your advertising.
Playing with your Website to keep it fresh.
Bill boards and Signs.
Communication to promote your Website.
Gimmicks and your Website.
Business cards and Brochures in relation to your Website.
Using Statistics to weed out the none performing.

While we have no control over the acceptance of Search engines and their Rankings
our Analysis is up to date with the logarithms of the top Search Engines to give you the best chance.

Please fill out the following application to enable us to contact you.

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Questions :

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  e.g. Taupo Wooden Furniture.

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